Allie’s 5th birthday

Today is the 14th of August and we haven’t celebrated! It’s Mama’s bad, still getting everything ready for the goody bags >_<‘

You woke up on your birthday morning and cheered when Mama wished you a happy birthday. “Finally! No longer a baby”, you said. But when Mama said we will celebrate on another day, you were disappointed. “Not even cake? Will I be 6 then when the celebration is here? No presents?”. Mama tried to make a late birthday party sounds fun, extra streamers, extra balloons, extra everything! You bargained and said, ok 2 more days to my party? Mama said 7, and then we settled on 5. You were OK at the end but didn’t want anyone else to congratulate you that day. Even when Airlangga gave you a present, you said you don’t understand why. I guess the concept of a late birthday is not easy to understand, eh? Mama will do better next year, no more late parties!
Happy birthday Allie Ollo Oreo Peanutbutter. You are the best baby in the whole wide world! 

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