Colorful world

Out of the blue, Allie told me that she doesn’t want to play with Ibu because she is not the same color. Gasp! I asked carefully, “what do you mean?”. She responded, “her skin is not the same color as me and you”. A wave of sadness and guilt came rushing in my mind, how could Allie say something like that, where is my pure and innocent baby! 

She noticed how surprised I was. When I asked where did she learn to say something like that, she was hesitant and just said, “..from my brain”. 

I guess this is just one type of those questions that parents get, difficult and important – I was very careful to make sure my answer was appropriate for her age and clear enough to help guide her future thinking. Do I go with facts? Do I go with fairy tales and analogy? 

So many thoughts were in my mind, but I finally answered, “Do you think Ibu loves you, is she kind? Does she stay with you and makes you laugh?”. Allie nodded. “Then it doesn’t matter what is her skin color. People are all different, just like a rainbow they come in many shades of color, and that’s what makes the world beautiful”. 

I hope that was good enough, and that I can continue helping Allie to be the better version of herself everyday!

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