Allie’s logic

Allie: Mama can I have another ice cream?

Mama: But you had one already, if you eat another one, they’ll be finished soon and then we won’t have any more.

Allie: It’s OK Mama, 2 ice cream is less than 3 ice cream

And for that, she got her second ice cream, this Mama is easily entertained!

Crafty Allie

Last weekend Mama bought some origami papers for Allie, and she really loved it. She is mainly using the papers to draw though, and funnily she would color the white side, and cut / glue the papers on the coloured side, so sort of defeating the purpose of having all the colors in the first place but oh well. She is happy so that’s all that matters. 

Her favorite is to draw shapes, coloring them to make drawings and patterns.

She also likes to draw people and our family. Notice that she starts drawing a nose on the face now, and she is also quite imaginative. The second picture is about her sleeping and dreaming of becoming a mermaid.

The other day, she even tried to draw on my Wacom tablet, using Adobe Illustrator!

Mama hopes you will continue having fun with art and crafts Allie! Keep being the creative and curious little girl that you are today!

The little artist

“Mama, look at the colour pattern. You have to color the bottom of the hat purple, orange, green, and then purple, orange, green”. 

Allie knows what she wants and she is a perfectionist, she would ask me to erase her drawing if she accidentally colour outside of the line or if the colour is of a different shade than what she had in mind. My little artist!

Allie talks, 4 years and 2 months

A: Mama, I want to pee standing up like papa

A: Mama, I am busy, I need to do my homework from aunty Sinta, so I need to use my ma-jation 
M: You mean, imagination?
A: Yes

M: (teaching Allie 1-10 in Dutch) Allie, did you know that you used to be able to count to 10 in Dutch, now you forgot already that you can speak that language
A: I want a sandwich, I don’t want a language 

M: (bringing Allie a glass of thai ice tea)
A: Is that brown juice?
M: Yes, how do you know?
A: I know everything, I am like a wizard

Allie-gator 🐊

Mama: “how was school today?”

Allie: “a boy called me alligator”

Mama: “Which boy? Why did he do that?”

Allie: “I don’t know his name. Because my name is Allie”

Mama: “And how does that make you feel?”

Allie: “I was mad, I was angry”

Thank you for sharing me your story Allie! Mama was smiling because it was cute, but actually you were very serious! The things people said to each other, sometimes you don’t realize how much affect you have and how sad you can make someone just with words. I hope you will grow with so much happiness in your heart Allie, so you can face anything in life with a smile. Sending you a squeezy big hug!

On turning 4 

Just a few more weeks and Allie is turning 4! Gasp, where did the time go? 
Not sure why but Allie is refusing to have a birthday. She said she wants to be 3 years old. 3 is just right, she insisted. Oh Allie, you still have many years ahead, being 4 is super cool and this is just the beginning 🙂

On developments, I feel like it seems I wake up one day and she is suddenly more grown-up. Is that possible? The way she talks, giggles, and speaks.. somebody better make a time machine soon because this is just too fast!

  • Allie still likes the color purple. She recently chose a very purple dress and a matching hat, she has been wearing it ever since we got it. She calls the hat, her sunshine hat.
  • Favorite animal is unicorn, because, she is a true princess that way
  • She is shy and reluctant to go to ballet class, but willing to try gymnastic. This is strange, because at home she likes to dance. I think she just doesn’t like the loud music that they play during dance / ballet class. 
  • She loves puzzles, legos, and playdoh. Super cute how she concentrates so much and very meticulous in details when building a house. Her favorite thing to build is a house with pie, flowers, pets, and friends! Sounds like a good place to be. 

Here are some pictures of her recent house: 

Artsy Allie

Allie’s current favorite activity is to be crafty. To be specific, she likes being a little designer, decorating her toys with stickers, dressing them up and making them pretty! The other day she used chocolate wrappers to dress her My Little Pony figurine, she even accessorize by folding a smaller wrapper with a matching color as the hairband.

When she draws a girl versus a boy, she draws eyelashes to differentiate them haha.. this is a picture of both of us. Obviously she is the one on the left, wearing a crown.


I bought her crystal-stickers, she spent hours sticking them on her face and hands. And at the end she just stuck them on top of each other to make a bigger jewel. Look at the color coordination, oh and those chubby little fingers! L.O.V.E!