This week

For work, Mama was away 1 week to Kenya. Allie stayed home with uncle Donny and auntie Inge. Mama heard all great stories about Allie being happy and well behaved, the only minor trouble was the bed time situation, where Allie didn’t want to sleep in the room, preferred the couch instead, and was looking for Mama on the first night during a thunderstorm. All and all, it was a good week despite being away, but it sure felt good to be back home together. The best part about Kenya was the summer breeze and the chilly clear mornings and evenings. It was like our summer in the Netherlands. One day Mama wants to bring Allie travelling, reminiscing and experiencing all one more time!

This morning we had a nice trip to church. You called it church correctly this time, Allie. You now also recognized Mary, the statue in the cave, as you called Her. We prayed before we went home, and you also waved goodbye. “I prayed for a pink unicorn, Mama”. Hmm.. it’s gonna be a journey to teach you about praying, but I guess for now you get the general idea, and you are happy coming to church with me, so one step at a time.

Afterwards you asked Mama about going to the zoo, but being jet-lagged and tired, Mama suggested the mall instead. How boring eh Allie! To make it fun, we watched the Smurf, and boy did you have fun! Mama is so happy to see you fascinated and mesmerized, overall it was a light and happy movie, or as you said if, “today was the best day ever!”. Afterwards we saw a choir performing Disney songs at the mall atrium, and you were again so happy and fascinated with everything. I wish that you will never loose your innocent curiosity, baby. And for you to always be my best movie-buddy. Love and hugs, Mama.

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