Weekend story

This weekend Allie was Mama’s helper, helping with baking a lemon cake and cooking pasta. You were very curious Allie, not wanting any help. “I can do anything because I am 4 years old. When will I be 5 years old, Mama?”. You frowned when I said you have to wait until August, be patient little Allie! 

This Sunday you went with Mama for the 1st time to church. We walked there in a rush as we were late, and you said, “when are we going to arrive at the charger?” You didn’t know how to say church yet, but you had fun there nevertheless. For a little while you sat and prayed with me, but then you were off to the playground playing hopscotch and meeting a new friend. Mama was eyeing you from afar, thinking how did you get so independent already. Climbing, conversing, exploring,.. all by yourself! You were super thirsty so we went home before the mass ended, but that’s OK, it was a successful trial and I am super proud of you!

In the afternoon we went to see Zee the puppy and Yoyo the hedgehog, along with lunch with the family. You played hide and seek with Ollie, and roaming around the house with your Akong, Mak, and uncles. You managed to train Zee to sit and eventhough I think Zee may just sat as a coincidence, you were beaming with pride. You found out that Yoyo eats worms, but still loves him anyway. On the way home, you sang soundtracks from the Trolls and claimed that you want to be a singer when you grow up, a pop star to be precise. It was a fun day, wasn’t it Allie? Mama is very happy with you!

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